See which git branch is currently checked out?

being a fairly new PHPStorm user, I did not find an option to show the current Git VCS branch name. Of course I know where to find out about and how to checkout other branches inside PHPStorm. But I'd like to see the current branch name all the time, for example appended to the project name or folder name, or even in a window or panel titlebar. Aptana Studio 3—I was using that before—had some really nice concepts about Git integration. Thanks for any hint where to look; didn't find any reference, neither in the help nor here in the discussion.

Kind regards, willydee

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Hi Wilfred,

Have you looked in status bar, right corner -- it may be what you are looking for
The image above is not mine and is taken from picture posted on this thread:

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Oh well, sometimes I'm really blind... Thanks :-)


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