Problem registering PhpStorm 2.1

I have a problem with the registration of phpstorm 2.1 (which I downloaded from the EAP program page). I have purchased a key for php storm, but when I go to the registration form in order to enter it, the "OK" button is always disabled. On start, the program tells me that the evaluation period is over, so I have no way to use it.
In the meantime I'm using the previous EAP build, which works fine.
What can I do to solve the problem?

Thank you,

Gabriele Genta

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Hi Gabriele,

Most likely that is because you are not entering correct details -- 1 character wrong and "OK" button gets disabled. Both "User name" and "License Key" should be entered EXACTLY as they appear in email:
1) Username spelled exactly (same letter case)
2) Licence key should include starting line ===== LICENSE BEGIN ===== and ending line ===== LICENSE END =====

Because you have a license I recommend contacting JetBrains support (as licensed customer you are entitled for the support, especially for this kind of issues) and they should help you with this problem instantly.


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