Out of memory when indexing


yesterday I added the Ext-Js 4.0 framework to my solution. Its a huge set of files and when I added it WebStorm started to index files. After a while I got an out of memory dialog letting my increase the mmmory size. I increased it in steps and restarted WS each time. When memory size reached 1.5G WS refused to start and showed me a warning that the allocated memory for the java-VM was to large and the the java VM couldnt be started.


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What is your WebStorm version ? I do not see any issue with WebStorm 2.1#107.88

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I am running 2.0.1, build 107.56.

There are two of us here having the same problem in this version. we solved by removing all files in the ext-js pakage that we dont need to run it (like the src code etc). We wont need these files to be able to run but it feels a little shaky if this is what might happen when we have a large amount of files in our project.


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