Keyboard Shortcut: Focus on Editor

This has got to be an easy one.

I can hit Cmd+1 to place focus on the Project tool window, hit it again makes the tool window close, then open, etc.
Cmd+7 for the Structure tool window acts the same way.

These are great, but how can I place focus back in the editor without using my mouse?


Hi Max,

Just press "Esc"


or ctrl+shift+tab if you want to go to a specific file in the editor or round to one of the other panels.


The ESC solution is broken for the Terminal.


I think we are missing the point. This request is for a shortcut to focus on the editor. I can use the escape but I want to bind a custom shortcut to it. 

Vladimir Luchansky

@Andybergon Please go to Settings | Tools | Terminal and disable "Override IDE shortcuts" option - it will help to navigate from Terminal to editor.

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@Vladimir I have `Override IDE shortcuts` disabled. The problem is that this makes Esc+B/F don't work for moving through words in the Terminal.


This is not an ideal solution, but it may help others to set the Terminal to "Windowed Mode" to allow for native OS navigation between the Editor and Terminal e.g. Alt+Tab.


From the terminal you can do Cmd+1 to get to the project view, then ESC


In intelliJ 2019.3 you can now "Rebind the action that returns focus to the editor to a new shortcut".


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