Open a double quote, typing is disabled?

PHPStorm EAP 107.21, Mac OSX 10.6.7.

Twice now, I have been typing along on an existing line, I open a double quoted string, and all of a sudden the editor no longer allows input anywhere near that double quote.  And when I say near, I mean within a few lines in either direction.  I also can't copy the line of text, but I'll do my best to reproduce what I'm seeing right now.

$this->si_tax_rules_model->get_field_where($this->si_tax_rules_model->prepend . "$data);

What I was doing was inserting the 'model->prepend. "' text and as soon as I opened the double quote, I can no longer edit any text near it.  Very odd.  I had a similar issue in a different file under the same circumstances yesterday.

Has anyone else seen this issue?  Should I file a bug report?

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Hi Andrew,

It is a know issue of the current EAP build PS-107.21. It's already fixed -- just wait for the next EAP build.

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Thank you!  I'll drop back to 550 for now.


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