Plugin for PHPStorm

I created a plugin for the Task Management System in IntelliJ but want to use it in PHPStorm but cannot get it to install.

I see it in the installed plugins but the features are not showing up. The only depend I used was the com.intellij.tasks depend which PHPStorm also has.

Any reason why this is not working?

Here is my plugins.xml

<idea-plugin version="2">
  <name>Gemini Task Provider</name>
  <description>Allow access to Gemini tasks inside JetBrains products.</description>
  <idea-version since-build="8000"/>


    <!-- Add your application components here -->

    <!-- Add your project components here -->



  <extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">
    <tasks.repositoryType implementation="com.thesba.GeminiPlugin.tasks.GeminiRepositoryType"/>

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it seems something is wrong with your java code. Could you send your project to dmitry dot avdeev at jetbrains dot com?

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I got it working. I guess I need a module such as com.intellij.module.lang as a depend even if I do not use it in my code.


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