How to change color theme??


I couldn't find the way to change default color scheme (theme) for editor, to make like textmate or alike.
Were should i get the themes and what do i need to do to change it in IDE?



Hi Alex,

There is only one bundled color scheme that comes with PhpStorm -- the default one. If you want another one -- do the theming yourself or download one already made, for example:


Actually i need thems for JS )

An how do I install this themes?


It depends how theme is "packaged". If the file you downloaded is XML file (like theme.xml) or is normal ZIP/RAR/etc archive (like theme.xml inside, then you just need to put such xml file into appropriate folder and restart PhpStorm. On Windows 7 such path will be: C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde10\config\colors\

If downloaded file is a JAR file (Java Archive) then there is a bit simpler way: in PhpStorm use File | Import Settings...


Many thanks on your help on this and other questions, Andriy, it is really appreciated.


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