Field with that name alread defined in this class

os: kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm: #PS-107.21

I have a class that looks like this:
class track{

protected $ipaddress;
protected $currTime;

//some code......    
$this->ipaddress = $ipaddress;//this users ip address
$this->currTime = 10;


The issue im seeing is that currTime is underlined in the construct class with the note "Field with that name alread defined in this class" and i cant figure out why its doing it.

If i change the variable name then the error goes away, but nowhere else in the class is:
$this->currTime =

Any pointers as to how to make the red mark leave the margin would be appreciated.  (i have also checked all the classes that extend track and none of them are trying to set a value for $currTime in any of them either.)

To me the code looks right, seams to be functioning correctly, i dont understand why the error mark is there.


-- edit --

It seams like any protected variable with Time in it triggers this.
class track{
     protected $ddTime;
     protected $ipaddress;
     protected $ipaddressTime;
     protected $someting;

function __construct(){
//some code......
     $this->ddTime = 10;
     $this->ipaddressTime = 10;
     $this->someting= 5;

im seeing the same error for ddTime and ipaddressTime

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Hi Andriy,

That exactly the issue.  Thanks very much. :)


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