Inspection - Scope Grabs Included Problem

Ok, now this is just weird to me.

If I run the Inspection on the Whole Project, it does JUST the project files (module), but if if I create a Scope that excludes a couple of files, then the Inspection runs on the Project AND all included folders (includes), which is BAD (it will never finish, those are PEAR files and other 3rd party extensions.)

Why does it do that? If that is designed behavior, why don't those folders show up in the Tree on the Scope creation page? How do I exclude those (can I exclude the entire include folders)?


Ok, I found a workaround for it:


Exlcudes my file I want to, and includes only those in the actual module (thought I still think this is a problem.)


This is definitely a problem -  when using scopes for code inspection you can't see the excluded folders, so they are included by default. Which is plain wrong.

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I did not know about this button. Thank you, cool thing :)


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