PHP Undefined Namespace

Hi, in some cases in php files i have "use" namespace like this:

use kateglo\application\faces\Equivalent;
use kateglo\application\faces\Hit;
use kateglo\application\faces\Document;
use Doctrine\Common\Collections\ArrayCollection;
use kateglo\application\daos;

//.. code ..

 public function setEntry(daos\interfaces\Entry $entry) {
 $this->entry = $entry;

//.. code ..

i bold the last namespace "application" and "interfaces" used as type safety in a method parameter. This namespace is showed in red color in my PHPStorm 2.0.1.
If i mouse over there it said "undefined namespace application" "referenced namespace is not found". This sytax is correct for php interpreter. But why not in PHPStorm 2.0.1?
how can i fixed the namespace reference?



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