Code-completion in symfony controllers

Heya community,

i'm evaluation latest PHPStorm version, i'm quite impressed by it's speed..

One serious point i can't figure out is the code-completion for certain classes..

The controllers in symfony (action.class.php)  have this declaration.

class startActions extends sfActions { ...

The sfActions is underlined and states a hint, that code-completion isn't available due the class beeing declared multiple times..  well, could anyone tell me if there's a nice workaround for this issue?
Works like a charm in netbenas 6.9.1.. :(

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Hi Chris,

Please check the location of such duplicated classes: maybe you have included the same library few times -- in project as well as external library. I did check the symfony 1.4.11 (content of the lib folder only) and found no duplicates for sfActions class.

Currently (until this ticket: WI-2760 will be resolved) PhpStorm requires all classes in the Project (File | Settings | Directories) including those added as External Libraries (File | Settings | PHP) to have unique names.

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Hi Andriy,

i've located the duplicated class in the cache folder.. can i exclude certein directories from beeing indexed for autocompletion?


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Absolutely -- File | Settings | Directories --> Mark directory as excluded (or via context menu in Project View)

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thanks a lot, you made my day! :)


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