How To: Code completion on enter key?


Is it possible to auto complete HTML tag attributes when the enter key is pressed.
quick screencast showing my question:  (EAP 106.444 but afaik all previous have been like this)

the first line I type <a href[enter] and it gives me <a href=""
the second line I type <img src[enter] and it gives me a new line.

I would like an option to auto complete the ='" part if you have already typed the entire html attribute.

So if there is only 1 option in the auto complete list, still display the auto complete list even if the entire thing has been typed out already.



go to Editor | General | Postfix Completion and then select enter from the dropdown


Do you get the auto complete drop down choices when you type the html?    The auto complete is associated to the <TAB> key, not sure if you can remap the keys for the auto complete or not, check the settings menu, I have never looked to do what you are wanting so I don't know.  I know you can map keys to actions but not sure about the auto complete.


I do not think you can complete such attribute via Enter as Code Completion popup is already hidden.

ATM you have 2 choices:
1) you can always finish it (have your ="" adedd) in such circumstances via Alt+Space.
2) press enter while Code Completion popup is still visible (which means, do not type whole src -- just sr and Enter)


TAB is for selecting the auto completion.. to auto complete based on what the IDE thinks it is ALT+Space which will do what you want.


i got around it by creating leve templates for the common tags. wish jetbrains would put it in the app tho :/

settings > live templates > user

abreviation = the attr
template text attr="$END$" <-- this will move the cursor inside the "" when you ress enter


That did the trick!

Now it will auto complete src="" if I press the enter key after already typing src
I'll just have to setup a live template for each common tag I find myself typing when coding fast.


edit: changing the default Ctrl+Space keymap to Enter didn't work either.


you better off not changing the ctrl + space thing :p unfortunately things seem a little "rough" with phpstorms auto complete ways.. they better than the others.. but yeah.. i kinda still prefer the way dreamweaver does stuff tbh

i have

  • id
  • name
  • class
  • style
  • src
  • data
  • alt
  • title

as live templates :D


In the latest version (2018.3 at the time of this comment), set Enter as a keyboard shortcut in File > Settings > Keymap for the action: "Choose Lookup Item Replace"


Disabling the AI Assistant plugin works for me. 


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