How to update to 2.0.1?

How to update to 2.0.1? It says "click on more info button..." but it just open the home page of this site..

I've only to download the new versione and overwrite the older one? Do I loose my own live template?

Thank you in advance

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I opened the current version installed on my computer and  opened File -> Export Settings   and saved my settings.

I think I then uninstalled the current version from Add/Remove in control panel and then installed the new version.
Opened the software and then went to  File ->  Import Settings and imported the settings I saved from the old install.

I then went through all the settings in the Settings section of the software and made sure everything was setup right. Most things did transfer but somethings I had to manaully setup or I tweaked.  What was great was the database info imported nicely so I didn't have to reset that up.  Also it identified the folders I setup as projects correctly and all my files and settings opened up correctly for each project.

That is all I did.   You may NOT need to uninstall the previous version, I did just to clean it up.


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Thanks for your answer.

Would be great having auto-update without unistalling and installing the new one version.

Thank you, bye

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I am not sure you really need to uninstall the old version.  I did it just cause.


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