My entire remote site was deleted...

So for 6 days I haven't had a problem, then I purchased the product in full yesterday.  After completing my entire days worth of work, I shut down my computer.  Just now, I come to open it, start my VM instance, and my entire site is completely gone... well, not gone, but every file has been truncated to 0 bytes and completely empty.  So it was basically deleted.  The only changes from history were about 4 days ago, so I was able to recover a little bit, but still lost about 4 full days of programming.

I posted this as a bug, so hopefully someone will take it into consideration because this is not good....

My setup was:

- Create New Project from Remote
- My web server is on remote host, files are accessible via FTP/SFTP
- Selected /www/foo
- Custom Deployment Options
- Selected Deployment Options:
    - Overwrite up-to-date files
    - Preserve files timestamps
    - Upload changed files automatically to the default server

After 7 full days of development on a new project (entire user registration / login / account change / customization of zend framework with doctrine2 / and much more functionality) was completely gone.  I just purchased this product yesterday when this happened to me, and I'm starting to think it was a bad investment.... phpEd, aptana, coda, and textedit never gave me problems.

This can REALLY ruin someone's day.  Luckily this wasn't on a work project and a personal one otherwise my new job would have been completely terminated on my first week of hire.

Basically, I've already pointed this out to be a bug.  My question here in discussion is, what's the best setup to not have this happen?  I run a local VM that is identical to our development and production servers.  I was using a shared folder with VirtualBox (the first 5 days of this project) and that didn't give me any problems until I switched over to SFTP.  I switched over because VirtualBoxes shared folders were way too slow, so it looks like today I'll be trying SMB or other things.

What do you guys use and has this happened to you?

Not to sound snobby, but I paid $99 to lose about $1,150 + $99 worth of work.

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