Objective-J & Cappuccino


I'm very satisfied user of WebStorm because it was great tool for my JavaScirpt project.
Now I have Objective-J project and I would like to use WebStorm for it. Since that language (superset of JavaScript) is not supported, how difficult would be to extend WebStorm to support it? Does WebStorm uses some patter/rule system for language understanding that would allow me to create one more which will support Objective-J or this would need plug-in?

Could some one elaborate of this so I could decide how much work I'll need to put to have WebStorm serving me in Objecgive-J as it did in JavaScipt.

Any idea or thought is appreciated.

Best Regards,

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Well... This is actually a *really* complex topic and you wont be able to reuse anything from current JS features.




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