PHP Home per project only?

Is the PHP Home setting per project only or will it be able to be configured globally? I see answer in this issue but was hoping for some change. I have dozens of projects but PHP Home is always the same, and I can't think of very many use cases where someone would need multiple locations for PHP. It doesn't make sense to me to have to set it for every project. Thanks.


There will be ability to reuse your "PHP SDK" definitions witch include home path + some other options before release of 1.0


Hi Alexey,

I am using php strom v 2.0 and it seems this issue is not fixed yet.

I can't find option anywhere to set php home globally. It asks me to set php home for each project.

Am I missing something? Please advise.



Hi James,

It is not present in PhpStorm v2.0 indeed. Please watch this ticket: -- it is planed for v2.1


Hello James,

Unfortunately this feature is not implemented yet. It is scheduled for 2.1 and we will try to implement it ASAP.
Please vote/watch -,,

Thank you for feedback!


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