Code Completion - is it possible to group the list by library?

The Code completion in PHPStorm is awesome.
Is it possible to group or limit the list of items displayed?
  for example in the screen shot below, I am working with jQuery. It'd be great if I could go into preferences somewhere and set it so that all the jQuery functions were on top.
  Is that possible?


I agree, in fact I think the way its doing code completion right now is really hiding some of WebStorm/IDEA's value - which is discovering implicit types and using that to set the code completion list. The problem is that even though it knows your type, that type inherits from Object which has lots of ECMA/generic junk on it that you don't want 90% of the time.

The current logic only prioritizes symbols that are in the current file, which I think doesn't make sense for folks using libraries or just doing OO development.

I have two different approaches I have suggested and created issues on:

One is WI-4973 Ability to order JS code completion suggestions by inheritance order rather than alphabetical order, so that things will be listed by the most specific type first so jQuery would be first and Object would end up at the bottom. I think this is the right solution.

The other is WI-4974 add option to filter system or top-level variants in JS code completion, which would just allow up to filter out the Object/ECMA stuff. This would help a lot.

I also have WI-4975 ability to indicate JS version or at least turnoff ECMAScript5.js suggestions, which would help as well and would make sense for the 98% of people out there not using ECMA5.

FYI, You can vote for an issue by clicking on the number in the box. and you can track an issue by clicking on the binoculars icon.



Come on, David
After fixing WI-4829 Object stuff in completion is no longer the first one and there is no current file symbols prioritization.
In WebStorm / PhpStorm 2.0 release, if analyzer identified the type of the variable : variants from all user defined type go first, then Object stuff, then all other symbols (basically what is requested in WI-4973, this also affects need for WI-4974 and WI-4975 ).


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