Impressive refactoring!

I just wanted to drop by to tell you this story.

For years now, we had a mistyped interface in our code:

interface IModuleAmmendment{

    function getFunctions();

I decided to finally fix this and use PhpStorm's rename refactoring.

Now I would have totally expected it to find all instances of the interface and correct the name.

What I would never in my wildest dreams have expected though is this:

-    class CatalogAmmendment implements IModuleAmmendment {

+    class CatalogAmendment implements IModuleAmendment {

That PhpStorm even fixed the class names is borderline black magic.

Whoever came up with this: Please accept my eternal praise!
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Hello Philip,

This is functionality of 'Rename inheritors' renaming option:

You can read more about new rename refactoring features in PhpStorm in this blogpost -

Thank you for feedback!


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