phpUnit on my configuration

Hi Guys,

Having a quick question which is I guess more about phpunit than phpstorm itself.
My working setup is as following:

Have a debian vm which runs apache (all our products / xdebug installation runs here)
Me Working on OSX (downloading the project to my local folder and work on it with phpstorm using the synchronisation)

Now the question I have is:

Where do I put phpUnit? Should I run it locally on my System which doesn't seem right since its not my server environment. But when I install it on my debian vm can I still use phpStorm to generate unit tests and run them?



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Hi Alex,

Yes, you can run PHPUnit tests remotely (on your server) using "PHPUnit on Server" Run Configuration.

In order to use PhpStorm's "Generate PHPUnit Test" functionality (to generate skeleton PHPUnit tests) you have to have local installation of php and PHPUnit (since all what PhpStorm does here is provides some basic handy wrapper around PHPUnit itself).

On another hand -- you can install it on your server and generate skeleton PHPUnit tests there manually in console, then sync your project to obtain such file and edit it locally. You can also create whole test absolutely manually by typing all the code in editor (use copy-paste where possible).

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Thanks for the quick response I'll try to get everything going and will report back if anything comes up.




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