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I have added ExtJS as Javascript library and set the scope on my current project.

This project is divided into different template files.

A sample file looks like this.

{if 1 != 1}
<script language="javascript">
{/ if}
/ / Here Autocomplete for Ext.[...] work
Shopware.Plugins.Kickstarter.PluginPanelControllerFrontend = Ext.extend (Ext.FormPanel,
label width: 75, / / label settings here cascade unless overridden
     frame: true,
     title: 'front-controller',
     Body style: 'padding: 5px 5px 0 ',
     label width: 150,
     region: 'center',
     default width: 200,
     default type: 'text field',
     component init: function () {
         / / Here autocompletion not working?

         // Typing Ext. Strg + Space results in "No suggestions"

{if 1 != 1}
{/ if}

As you can see, the auto-completion works only at the beginning of the file.
In the object which i created below, especiallyin the initcomponent function the Keyword ext is not recognized - autocompletion does not work at this place?
Why that?

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Please file a bug at with the sample project attached.


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