Creating new Run/Debug configuration locally.

I have checked out my php code into a folder (/Users/mateo/code), my MAMP location for serving php documents is located in a different spot (/Applications/MAMP/htdocs).
Is there a way to configure PhpStorm to run the code locally by "deploying" it into a different folder. Basically move it from /Users/mateo/code into /Applications/MAMP/htdocs everytime I hit Run?

I tried a few combinations but none of them seem to work. The last one i tried was using the deploying using a mount folder...
The only solution I see is to simply move these files into the htdocs folder or checkout from there but I noticed that you have a remote feature that does almost what I want but for a remote server (downloading/uploading) files.



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Hello Mateo,

Current solution is to create a 'Mounted folder' server and put '/Applications/MAMP/htdocs' in Mounted folder field (indeed, IDE don't care if the folder you specify is really mounted to anywhere, or is just a plain folder). This will allow to copy your project files under server web root.
Then, you check Upload files to remote host checkbox at your PHP run configuration dialog and specify root folder to copy (e.g. your project root /Users/mateo/code/project_name). This will make the IDE copy your files before run.



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