"Download from..." option for deployment

os: kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm 2.0
build: PS:103-99

on the deployment menu there are the options:

Upload to default.server.com
Upload to...
Download from default.server.com

I have 2 servers.  the local one and the live one.

The local one has automatic uploads turned on and i use it for developing stuff, then when i do a git commit, i upload to the production server after commit.

At the beginning of the day, i want to get any changed files down from the live server.  Is there any way to add a "Download from..." button to the deployment menu?

Upload to default.server.com
Upload to...
Download from default.server.com
Download from...

so that i dont have to open the remote host view for the live server to go looking for the files that i want on the non-default server. (or change the default server to the live server just to use the "Download from servername.com" functionality)



Hello Michael,

Nope, there's no such an option yet :(
Feature request is welcome, you know the URL...


PS See also: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-1940


Thanks Kirill,

The link is not really something i can see myself needing as i have 2 servers each with the same files, not one server with the same files in different locations.

Feature request posted here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-5276


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