Why does PHPStorm always create a .idea folder


I'm a fairly new user to PhpStorm.  When I'm just browsing in a folder, and I double click on a PHP file, it opens a new PhpStorm window and it created a .idea file in the folder.
Is it in any possible that you can disable it?  Is it possible, when I double click on a PHP file, a new tab is openened in PhpStorm and not a totally new window?

Thanks in advance!

I'm using PhpStorm 2.0 atm

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if your getting a .idea file in the directory then that is the root directory of a project.

Each project you create will have a /.idea/ folder in the root of it that contains all the settings and stuff for the project.

Sounds like you are opening a file that is not attached to a project and wanting it to work like a text editor.

not sure if that is possible or not.  Think the concept is project focused so even stuff like renaming a file is done via "refactor" and capable of changing it everywhere in the project.


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