Are there any features in WebStorm which are not in IntelliJ?


I am a licensed IntelliJ user. I use IntelliJ for java and flex development. However, I recently started a javascript(my first) project in WebStorm. Now I was wondering, do I need to buy an additional WebStorm license, or does IntelliJ contains all features which are included in WebStorm?

Thanks in advance,

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"Are there any features in WebStorm which are not in IntelliJ?"

Theoretically only feature missing from IntelliJ IDEA is simplified project creation (Open Directory).

Practically you should pay attention to full build numbers:
I.e. IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.2 is IU-103.72 and last PHP storm 2.0 EAP is PS-103.78 - that means pretty much the same in terms of features and fixes. On more distant numbers difference may be drastic. Just as with different IntelliJ IDEA builds themselves.

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Thanks Alexey,

If this is the only difference (thus WebStorm is a subset of IntelliJ), then I will import my javascript project in IntelliJ, so I do not need to buy an additional WebStorm license.:)

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Yes, as is stated on our FAQ


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