Column Mode [Alt + Mouse-Select] Cursor/Focus Problem?

Hi i'm using PHPStrom 2.0 build 102.114 in Windows 7 64bit.

I just noticed using [Alt + Mouse-Select] for a quick Column-Select ( instead of toggling "Column Mode" via [Alt + Shift + Insert] )
doesn't behave as expected. I would like to type in new charcters directly after creating the selection.

While this is already possible / working in the OSX version of PhpStrom.

I just found out in the Windows version i need to click once more on the previous created selection to get a blinking Text-Cursor,
afterwards i can start "column" - replacing / adding of characters.

I know it's only a minor problem, but i didn't find a bug-report or any thread about this in the forum.
Just wanted to let you know about this, maybe you could implement this behaviour also for the Windows version
of your amazing editor.

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Please file a bug report into project tracker.


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