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1st: Great product, I really like that IDE. (old IntelliJ user).

I have a small problem and I would like to know if I can not find the solution or if the feature does not exist.

I am using CakePHP, and when in a controller classe like:

class JsonController extends AppController {
var $helpers = array ('Html','Form','Translation');   
var $name = 'Json';
var $uses = array();

     function research_notes_save()

the code completion does not work on Session and read.

Is there a way to "activate" that?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Timo,

I'm not using CakePHP myself, but here is some suggestion: You can try adding PHPDoc comment for this class and declare Session as a property, something like:

* @property Session Session
class JsonController extends AppController {

You can check the exact syntax of @property PHPDoc website.


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