Uninstalling WebStorm on a Mac

I've searched around the forums and online and can't seem to find any documentation for uninstalling webstorm on a mac. I have recently just upgraded to phpstorm and would like to get rid of the webstorm in my applications directory.

Also, It's possible that I would like to just start over with my insatllation altogether...would I go about uninstalling phpstorm in the same manner?


Well, as with any othter mac app - just move it to trash.

And if you want to remove (or backup) settings - they (again, as for other mac apps) under <USER HOME>/Library/Preferences
The IDE folder name is WebIDE10

This applies both to WS and PS. And you can just run PS after removing WS - it will pick up all settings.


Thanks very much Alexey.

I figured it was going to have something to do with deleting files in my user preferences but was hoping there was some sort of formal uninstall procedure that I missed.


There are several 3rd party utilities that make removing apps easier. Check out http://www.appzapper.com/ for one.

But all you really need to do is remove the app from "Application" and the preference folder from "~/Library/Preferences"


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