Quick Documentation Lookup window seems to be bugged

Hopefully this should be an easy fix, but I've looked around for awhile and can't find any help. I have web/phpstorm installed on a mac.

My problem is that the documentation window that pops up to the right of the code-completion popup window seems to be bugged. At some point in time, it started to open up with the width of the box extending to the right edge of my monitor. At one point in time, I thought for sure I had control of the size of this window, but now when i resize it, the sizing doesn't persist, meaning that every time the code-completion window pops up, the documentation window resizes it's width to extend to the right edge of my monitor.

For clarity, I do not have phpstorm set to fill the entire screen. I set its width to fill up about half of my viewing area, so the documentation window extends over other documents to the right of phpstorm and has become pretty annoying. Also, I originally installed webstorm and just recently upgraded to phpstorm. The problem was happening before I upgraded as well and has persisted into the phpstorm install. I was hoping that I could start over with my ide setup after installing phpstorm, but all settings are the same as in webstorm.

Any help would be much appreciated, and thanks very much for your time.

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Hi Mike,

1) Which version of PhpStorm do you use -- v1 or EAP build (v2 beta) ?

2) Does documentation window popup getting that big when invoking manually (View | Quick Documentation Lookup -- sorry do not know Mac shortcut as I'm Windows user) or is it only happening when it pops up together with code completion ?
Try invoke it manually & resize (and maybe restart after that -- typical Windows advice :) ) -- it may help.

3) Backup (just in case) then delete your Web/PhpStorm settings -- should help (look for .WebIde10 folder somewhere in your home folder -- most likely here: <USER HOME>/Library/Preferences/WebIDE10).

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That did Andriy...thanks so much for the quick reply!!

I just deleted the WebIDE10 folder and the Documentation Lookup window started working as I remembered it. Your help is really appreciated =)


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