Only one instance of webstorm/phpstorm at a time ?

I have purchased Idea 9, phpstorm and webstorm and have all three installed.  If I am running phpstorm and attempt to start webstorm I get the message "only one instance of webstorm can run at a time".  The same thing happens whenever I have one IntelliJ product running and try to start a different product at the same time, so for instance, when I have IntelliJ Idea running and I try to start phpstorm.

Is there some configuration option that I have missed that allows me to run two different products concurrently ?  I would think someone working in php in phpstorm might also want to have another IntelliJ product opened at the same time.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Why would you want to?

from what i understand
phpstorm is webstorm + php

intellij is webstorm + php + java

I dont know the answer to your question though.


Only WebStorm and PhpStorm are mutually exclusive. All other products can run ide by side with one of them.


ussher wrote:

Why would you want to?

Not speaking for the OP, but at times I'm working on different projects at the same time. I often have multiple instances of Visual Studio or Qt Creator running at the same time.


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