Setting up project with reverse mounted network share

Right now I have a web server on a remote host which mounts exported shares that are local to my system.  Phpstorm doesn't offer this as a setup option, are there any tips?

Similar to this problem, because I develop in a Windows environment, but our hosts are all BSD based, Phpstorm has trouble resolving paths.

As an example:

include LIB1_INCLUDES. 'Example.class.php';

In the above example LIB1_INCLUDES resolves to something like /mnt/howard/project1/includes so the file resides as /mnt/howard/project1/includes/Example.class.php in the server, but locally it might be: c:\files\project1\includes\Example.class.php

Is there a way to either map paths so that Phpstorm is aware of this, or else set in PHPStorm to redefine the constant?

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