Autocompletion for member functions parameters

It's taken me a while to figure it out, but I now have autocomplete working for variables and global functions parameters using explicit JSDoc. But I don't seem to be able to figure out how to get it working for member function parameters.

See my example below. I am using dojo.describe, but assume its a more generic issue (and don't know what other type declaration approaches that WS understands to test them). In my example all of these work:

  • @type tag on a variable (varDude)
  • code inspection (inferredDude)
  • @param tag on a global function parameter (paramDude)
  • @return tag on global function (globalMethod) or member function (memberMethod)

However, I can't get @param tag to work on a member function parameter (memberParamDude). If I do a Ctrl-Q on memberParamDude it does show the parameter name (vs "no documentation found"), so its seeing the @param tag just not figuring out the type. As I mentioned above the @return tag works for memberMethod also so its doing some JSDoc type processing.


PS, Suggestion - I've noticed that Ctrl-Q shows nothing for variables that are inferred (inferredDude), it would be nice if it showed what WS has guessed the type is.

dojo.declare("Person", null, {
    constructor: function(name, age, currentResidence) {
        this.currentResidence = currentResidence;
    moveToNewState: function(newState) {
        this.currentResidence = newState;
     * @param Person memberParamDude
     * @return Person
    memberMethod: function(memberParamDude) {
        memberParamDude.currentResidence;  // autocompletes generically

/** @type Person */
var varDude;
varDude.currentResidence; // autocompletes as Person

var inferredDude = new Person("phiggins", 28, "Tennessee");
inferredDude.currentResidence; // autocompletes as Person

* @param Person paramDude This is some param description
* @return Person A whole new dude
function globalMethod(paramDude) {
    paramDude.currentResidence; // autocompletes as Person

globalMethod(varDude).currentResidence; // autocompletes as Person

varDude.memberMethod(varDue).currentResidence; // autocompletes as Person

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With no replies I am assuming this is a bug -

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Please surround parameter type with braces

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nicity wrote:

Please surround parameter type with braces

Great, that does it. The fact you don't do that for @type tricked me up. Thanks!

For others reading this thread, the change is as follows:

     * @param {Person} memberParamDude

or inline works also:

    memberMethod: function(/**Person*/memberParamDude) {


PS, I ran into two other related issues. I can't seem to get autocomplete to work across files and it seems that JS autocomplete not always updated right away on JSDoc/comment changes.  

PS II, Sorry for all the edits getting the post right, I wanted to make sure it was accurate for others trying to make autocomplete work.


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