PHPStorm on Win + git


We would like to try git inside PHPStorm IDE.
We got fatal error "fatal: No existing author found with 'alexey_baranov'" during first commit.

What does this mean?

PHPStorm 1.0.2
Cygwin git



Hi Alexey,

1. Have you configured your git username and email?

To check this execute these commands from your project folder:
  git config --get
  git config --get

To set your username and email execute
  git config --global
  git config --global "Your Name"
(you may omit "--global" if you wish to set up these settings only for this Git project)

2. If everything is OK with your username and email, try to commit from console. Does it succeed?


Everything goes well until you fill "Author" field (screenshot 1).


Please note that the "Author" field is used when you want to explicitly specify the author of the commit who is different from you (for example, somebody else made the change but was committing from your computer).

In that case you should follow the rules written in git documentation:
Override the commit author. Specify an explicit author using the standard A U Thor  format. Otherwise  is assumed to be a pattern and is used to search for an existing commit by that author (i.e. rev-list --all -i --author=); the commit author is then copied from the first such commit found.

So if you want to use 'Author' you should specify the author in the required format or be sure that the author can be found in repository by the given pattern.

Of course commit dialog behavior could be friendlier in that case, we already have a request for it, feel free to vote:


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