Is there a keyboard shortcut for ctrl+alt+leftclick select?

os: kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm 2.0Beta
build: PS-102.18

using ctrl+alt+leftclick and drag allows me to select a few lines in vertical select then tab to change the alignment.
$a = 5;
$b = 6;
$c = 15;
$d = 50;{code}

then if i ctrl+alt+leftclick and select before the = sign and hit tab a few times the code becomes:
$a           = 5;
$b           = 6;
$c           = 15;
$d           = 50;{code}

which saves hitting tab a few times for each line.

Im hoping there is a keyboard shortcut for the same thing like hold down ctrl+shift+(something) while on cursor is at the left of the first = sign, then press the down arrow to include the lines below.

(trying to learn to use the mouse less. :) )


Hi michael,

Kind of -- it is called Column Mode (under Edit menu) -- the default shortcut is Alt+Shift+Insert. Once activated just use Shift+Arrow to make vertical selections.

The column mode status is displayed in status bar (after encoding).


Thanks Andiry,

That will do perfectly.  Much appreciated. :)


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