find in path causes out of memory

So I think I am looking at a bug. I have noticed a few times that using find in path can really slow down WebStorm, but I think I just found a simple way to reproduce it. In particular I now can easily create an out of memory with a simple search on the DOJO toolkit. Here are the steps and result:

  • Start WebStorm and create a blank project
  • Add dojo-release-1.5.0 to the project (add as sub-directory)
  • After indexing WebStorm is still only using about 44MB
  • Now doing a search in path (whole project) for "Deferred".
    • WebStorm will quickly zoom to the max memory amount, then spike the CPU for a few minutes (I assume the JVM is desperately trying to GC to stay within its Xmx limit), then finally shows the Out of Memory dialog (attached).

I can obviously raise the Xmx amount (and have a bit), but I think a 500MB+ spike to do string search seems a bit excessive, no?

Assuming its a bug I am happy to put it in issue tracker, just want to make sure I am not doing something wrong first.


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Hi David,

If OOM issue is persistently reproducible then it should be reported to issue tracker (just provide as much info as you can: your OS, PhpStorm build, JVM used etc).

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@Andriy, Per my original email - I realize that, but am looking for confirmation that its considered out of ordrinary to need more than 500MB for searching a "large" javascript library.

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Ok, not responses so I took your advice and made it a bug -


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