Go To->Class Oddness in 98.191

When trying to Go To -> Class in 98.191 and in 98.145 on a project with roughly five hundred classes, I noticed that if there is only one result remaining, the whole dialogue closes, and no class is opened. It is so fast I cannot get a screenshot, and I was not able to duplicate it with just one or two classes in a test project. Any ideas? This does not happen with 1.02 on the same project.


Is this still actual for you on 98.240? If so is it repeats consistently?..


Yes, it still happens on 98.240. I downloaded a fresh copy, deleted my .WebIde, and opened an untouched copy of my project (it did not have a .idea directory), and after indexing, it still behaves the same way: when I GoTo->Class, and type the first part of a name, say, "letter", many letter options show up, which is to be expected, but when I type a second letter to narrow the results, one that would only have one option, it just closes the dialoge, and none open. I attached a screenshot of what I mean, and when I type the letter "t", I see only the LetterTest option for a second, then the dialogue closes, and nothing opens. Also, I am not already on the LetterTest, nor is it open on one of my tabs.

I just tried like like 10 times on my project, and once it worked, the dialogue just paused there with the one option, but the rest of the time it closed automatically. Also, I had not noticed this before, but sometimes it also happens when I type "letter" as in the screenshot, then type any other letter to filter down the results. I cannot figure out why it seems to work sometimes, and then not others.


Also, the other developer on this project is noticing the same thing on his 98.240 install, so it is not just my machine.


I noticed that this ticket got merged with another similar ticket http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-321 that is not exactly the same. That ticket talks about not being able to search for classes by the camel-cased name.

My problem is (and still is in 102.18) that when using Go To->Class, it frequently closes the whole popup while I am searching for a class. Many times it closes when the class is found, before I can hit enter. My cooworkers all experience the same issue with our main code base in all of the post-1.0 EAP versions, and it is completely crippling. It is so frequent (at least 9 times out of 10) that if it persists into the 2.0 release, we will not be able to upgrade.

The fact that no one else is posting on this makes me wonder if it is something to do with the size of our code base or the naming convention of our classes.

At the very least, I think it should not be merged with the ticket, unless the main ticket is updated with this additional bug.



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