Does anyone else find this forum difficult? DEBUGGER?

I am unable to paste text into the edit box.

Any contact/report link on this website spits out "there was an error" after submission.

I'm using a brand new fresh install of everything (os, browser etc).

Bad day maybe. Or are java programmers so clever they never need to paste?!

Just paid $49 and already regretting it.

Looks like the only way I can use this forum is to re-type anything I want to share by hand.

That is not going to happen!

Please folks keep posting what you know about getting the 2.0 debugger to work with (what I think in phpSstorm terms is a) "Web Application".

Magento app on win7 xampp stack host Apache virtual host http://mysite.local

Or should I use the 1.0 version, or should I hustle back to nuShpere?

Why would I choose zend over xdebug? I have both zend-based and other apps to debug.

Your whining pal,


Works kind of OK for me (copy-paste). You can also look around and see other people leaving lengthy posts -- maybe bad day indeed.

If you cannot post -- you can put your message into .txt file and attach to the post, Alternatively -- split your message in smaller parts (multiple posts) -- maybe some character sequence is breaking whole thing.


Zend debugger is not related with Zend framework. Its just a PHP debugging engine implementation, same as xDebug. Both have own quirks and bugs, but Zend debugger comes directly from "Zend, the PHP company" and usually works better than xDebug.


Hello David,

Try to help you with debugging in PhpStorm 2.0 EAP.

Do you use a browser plugin for debugging or bookmarklets?


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