Problem excluding workspace.xml from Git


I have .gitignore specified in my working folder. The .git repository is in the working folder too.

In .gitignore, I have specified .idea/workspace.xml - obviously, .idea is in the working folder too.

I have specified $ git rm --cached .idea/workspace.xml and this does remove the file from Git vc.

However, nothing seems to work - workspace.xml keeps popping into the default list and is therefore not being ignored.

Any advice please?


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Hi Gazley,

  • Have you committed the deletion of .idea/workspace.xml from Git after you executed "git rm --cached idea/workspace.xml"?
  • Does the problem happen with any other files (to test it you could create a file, commit it, add to .gitignore and rm --cached and then commit)?
  • Does workspace.xml appear in the output of 'git status' command as well or only in the Changes View of the IDE?
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Hi there,

Thanks for your help with this. I hadn't committed the deletion, as your correctly expected. Also, it turned out that the path in the .gitignore proved to be incorrect too. However, all is working well now and I really appreciate you help with this.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy using PhpStorm and am looking forward to getting my upgrade to V2.

Thanks again.


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