CSS Support?

Hi there,

Any plans for upcoming additions to support CSS better in PHPStorm?

I ask because I still find myself needing to use Dreamweaver whenever I need to edit CSS.  One thing in particular:  In Dreamweaver, when you get the intellisense for a property, it shows you all the options.  In PHPStorm, it only shows you the ones for a letter you type.  So for example, if I type: "float:" in Dreamweaver I get all the possible float values suggested.  In PHPStorm, I get nothing until I type a letter, and then I only get the values matching that letter.  It defeats the purpose of the suggestions to make me know what letter to type.



It does work like you want -- you can invoke completion popup manually and you will see all css attributes that PhpStorm is aware of.

It defeats the purpose of the suggestions to make me know what letter to type.

LOL? A little bit of basic knowledge of CSS (just first letter) will not hurt.


I agree, though I don't have the luxury of working in just one language/environment, so I don't have time to memorize every possible property value. I wish that CSS and XAML shared the exact same terminology, property names, and values, but sadly that hasn't happened yet :)

One of the nice things about VisualStudio and Dreamweaver is that you can get any value suggested, which lets it function like a dictionary so you don't have to dig out your cheat sheet of tags/etc.


Or just press ctrl + space and it will give you the hint, it's the same key combinations as in most other IDE's including Dreamweaver I think.


Awesome!  That helps a lot!

BTW, VS and Dreamweaver just always show the full list by default, no extra keys necessary.  That would be a nice thing to add, even if it was a optional setting.


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