Changing JVM causes problem


I first installed PHPStorm using OpenJDK on Ubuntu 10.10. Slowness and a message each time you start decided me to switch to Oracle's JVM, no big deal. Click, done.

Since then, I have a big blank but functional PHPStorm. I can click anywhere on where is supposed to be the menu and things will happen, I can type in some unknown characters and destroy my code, blindly.

Any Idea?


Sorry, no ideas. Perhaps something gone awry with deps or acceleration. Please ask about this on ubuntu or oracle forums.
We test linux-sensitive features in Ubuntu 10.10 inside Virtual Box and never have this kind of problems.


I did my homework and I discovered this : There is a long known incompatibility between Swing and Compiz/Beryl

I use Compiz, PHP Storm uses Swing.

The "Compiz Java Workaround" is on and it doesn't work.

I need to deactivate Compiz (and basically make my machine unusable) to be able to use Sun Java 6 for PHP Storm.

So I have to use Open JDK as JVM.

Please note I used other Java Based PHP Editor before and none had this problem. And yes, it is very slow.

But I think I will buy a version anyway because you work is that good.


The problem with OpenJDK is that it has really bad gui-related library implemementation, especially font rendering - it not only looks bad but producess sudden 10-30 sec lockups on innocent draw string call.

I must warn you that IDE may be near impossible to use with OpenJDK. And we're unable  (and *never* will be able) to address any of these problems - either Compiz/Beryl vs Oracle Swing or Open JDK gui related ones.


Thank you for the warning Alexey, I know you are nor developping a JVM nor Java Libraries.

But to use your product, which I really like, I have to choose between a blank window and a slow window.

Now you know why I don't really like Java...

So I will have to find a way to use you product in an another environment, maybe in a virtual machine or something like this. I have a MS Windows Virtual Machine.

The final use case might be Windows for normal use and Linux for quick edits (on a slower JVM ;))

Anyway, when available, I will test to use Java 7 (Come on! Version 7 and still bugs like this one! You must be kidding M. Java)

The question is : Can I have 1 license for 1 machine for 2 installs on the machine (Linux + MS Windows)?

The question is : Can I have 1 license for 1 machine for 2 installs on the machine (Linux + MS Windows)?

Yes, you can:

Cross-platform compatibility

A Personal License allows for use of the software on different operating systems, provided that they are not used at the same time.


Thank you Andriy,

I am heading to the shop though.


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