How to set the root folder for resolving included files path?

My web service folder structure looks like this:
service/server/the other .php project files

So all the includes I have in the "server" folder look like this:

IDE can't resolve this path. I think it uses the projects root. So, is there a way to set the root for includes?
(I'm using the latest EA build - 98.521)

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Good luck. There are so major problems in how these are resolved by PHPStorm.      

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PhpStorm currently having problems understanding what ".." means :

You can disable this inspection completely: Settings | Inspections | PHP | Unresolved include
or disable for particular include when possible (move your cursor to such statement, press Alt-Enter (or click on bubble icon) and choose "Suppress ..." if available).

There are some other ways (using include_path or autoloading functionality) but that is kind of wrong to do just to please PhpStorm.


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