(re)naming projects

I just started using WebStorm and love it so far. However I have one issue I can't seem to find a solution for:

Is there a way to name or rename projects, other than the name of the folder? We use a syntax on our server that is clientname/html for frontend development for example. All frontend projects are now called 'html', which makes it kind of hard to distinguish them.

Am I missing something?


As workaround you can open clientname folder.


The client can have multiple projects, so that is not really a solution. Not to mention the fact that I'd have to add thousands and possibly hundreds of MB's of files to a project that is simply for developing html. Just to have a proper project name :)

That doesn't sound right.

If it is really not possible to manage this I'll submit an issue. Just wanted to be sure.


You can exclude undesired folders in Settings | Directories .. but if you want to create more than one project for the same folder (excluding different folders each time) this most likely will not work.

I think I saw such feature request, but cannot find it right now. This one is kind of related: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-1432?projectKey=WI


Proper project management features would be very welcome as well. I work on a large number of projects, so the reopen menu doesn't quite cut it.

Project naming would be a logical part of that. But for now the naming is my biggest issue.


Yes, this is a needed option. But this stuff (there are also other things) goes in the direction of a proper project managment.
This is a feature PhpStorm lacks compared to other IDEs. Hope this will get some attention for post 2.0

I have also voted for project managment (this includes renaming and other stuff).


You could add the "HTML" folder to favorites.  (right click on the top directory in the project pane, click "add to favorites" -> "add to new favorites list")

Then you get to name it.  Instead of viewing the projects pane in the "View as: Project", change to the favorites view you just created so it shows as: "View as: THE NAME YOU NAMED IT."

The directory structure will still be the same, except you will have the name of the project at the top of that pane.  Not perfect, but could help avoid some confusion.


How do you rename a Favorites list? The manual states:

1. Show Favorites view.

How do I "Show Favorites view"? I know how to show Favorites, but is that the Favorites view? If so, there is no way to right-click that list in that view.


Hi Keith,

How do I "Show Favorites view"? I know how to show Favorites, but is that the Favorites view?

Yes, it is the same thing.

If so, there is no way to right-click that list in that view.

* You can have multiple favourite lists.
* Select the one you need (you must have at least 2 for rename to work).
* Now, in the list where you see all files that belong to this favourite list, just right click anywhere and select "Rename favorites list" from context menu.


for me its like this:
right click on the root folder
select "Add to New Favorites List"
then a new box opens:
i name it something like SOME COOL NAME
Then it is selectable from the dropdown list activated from that arrow on the right of SOME COOL NAME


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