is there way to skin Phpstorm? I spent hours modifying a ruby dark color scheme but it still looks like crap cause the rest of the editor is based on a white background. Things like Highlighting, Search, Tag matching, version control, errors, line numbers, etc, etc. I like the attnetion to detail of the editor. But using a dark color for the code you can't see most of it.

Hurt my eyes. Too damn briight.

Also are there any dark color schemes for PHP and HTML? All the ones on this site are for Ruby.


Hi Stephen,

In editor window you can apply custom colors virtually to any element, but I doubt that it can be done for the rest of the GIU (I mean menus, dialog windows etc).

Can you post screenshots with your current results showing which elements you cannot skin?

The Ruby dark themes should apply for HTML (AFAIK).


Toolwindows (project view, etc) and other controls can't be "skinned" in current edition of the platform. We may address this in distant future, however no estimates or schedule is available.


Themes with dark background colors hurts your eyes.
Ask your doctor, if don't trust me.


It's the other way around. Bright colors strain my eyes. Especially when it's dark in the room.


Well, maybe pink with green, but not white.
Anyway, I prefer to trust the ophthalmologists, not just "web trends".


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