Hi Sergey,

Currently there is no way to do this from PhpStorm.

You can delete a branch from console:
  git branch -d <branch name>
(See http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-branch.html for other options)


Will it be implemented in future? And will be in PhpStorm a tool for flexible tunning of GIT?


It probably will be implemented as well as other branch control operations, although branch deletion seems to be the less priority operation.
You may vote for http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-50859

What do you mean by flexible tuning?


For example - full control of ssh keys (creating, replacing, deleting etc), deleting branches...
I'm using GIT Gui for all of this needs, but it's not very convenient.


Yep, we're planning this, but not to the nearest release.
To increase priority of features you need you can always vote for correspondent issue in our YouTrack (or to create an issue if there is no proper one).


What you can do as a temporary solution is to add something like smartgit to your machine http://www.syntevo.com/smartgit/index.html then in PhpStorm, go to SETTINGS -> EXTERNAL TOOLS -> ADD  and make a link to the smartgit program

in the parameters section choosing:

Causes smartgit to open the git repo of the project you are workin on in phpstorm.

When you add the program like this, it becomes available in the right click menu.

To add it to the tool bar across the top, go to SETTINGS -> MENUS AND TOOLBARS -> MAIN TOOLBAR -> VCS ACTIONS (select the last one in the menu 'Rollback') ->ADD AFTER  and select smartgit from the OTHER menu.

Now it will be in your toolbar. i've attached the 16x16 icon that is necessary for phpstorm. or you can make one from the .svg file that smart git has by opening it in gimp and exporting it 16x16.

Its not a perfect solution, but its something.


I use Git GUI. SmartGIT is more user-friendly, but commercial :\


there is a free non-commercial version too.

But you could do exactly the same thing with git gui too,  put a button into the IDE until the features get added to it.


> there is a free non-commercial version too
Hmm... can't see it. I've downloaded http://www.syntevo.com/smartgit/download.html?file=smartgit/smartgit-win32-setup-jre-1_5_7.zip, installed. License setted to "Unlicensed (evaluation until 12.12.2010)". Will it work after 12.12.10?

> But you could do exactly the same thing with git gui too,  put a button into the IDE until the features get added to it.
Already do it :)

Never the less, I talk about native support of this feature(s), without external tools.


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