Source control integration and automatic distribution/upload

I'm trying to figure out the most appropriate working process, and have some questions/issues.

We are several developers working on our product. We have the source in a git repository.

All developers works against the git repo, and do development locally. However, we are not able to run/test the solution locally so we have individual sites setup at a remote server (site A, site B, ... (each dev has his own remote site)  in addition to staging and production). In order to get a nice working process we've defined deploy settings that autouploads changes as we save in the IDE. And here comes the issue...

When we pull from the central git repo, one or more files will be updated, and we can see the list of them in version info | pull info. These files are however not automatically uploaded, and there are no way that we've found to easily deploy these. Opening each of them individually it cumbersome and error prone. Uploading the whole project is not a real alternative either, as we sync changes very often, and the upload takes 2+ hours for the whole project (aprox 4000 files, 25/5 mbit connection). Is there any feature I'm missing, are there any plans introducing an option to automatically upload changes based on pull and/or triggering a upload from the "updated" node in version control.

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Hello Tor-Erik,

Please watch/vote for to be notified when it's implemented.



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