Bootstrap file in phpunit.xml


I'm very happy with PhpStorm and I'm gonna buy it when the test period is over. However the only problem I have is getting PHPUnit running. I have worked with the same tests folder (including test classes, phpunit.xml and bootstrap.php) from command line and NetBeans 6.9.x without any problem.

PhpStorm does not include the bootstrap file defined in phpunit.xml. F.e.:

<phpunit backupGlobals="false"          bootstrap="tests/bootstrap.php"          backupStaticAttributes="true"          colors="false"          convertErrorsToExceptions="true"          convertNoticesToExceptions="true"          convertWarningsToExceptions="true"          processIsolation="false"          syntaxCheck="true" />

This is a phpunit.xml from a small project. In other projects I have child tags within phpunit (whitelist, logging, testsuite etc.)

My environment:
MacOS 10.6.4
PhpStorm 2.0 EAP Build PS-98.108
JDK 1.16.0:20
PHP 5.3.1
PHPUnit 3.4.15


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