PHP Storm color question

I've been using the default theme with a white background.
I'd like to try out a few of the nicer dark colored themes out there, but every time I do,
I get stuff like you see below.

This is in a block of PHP code..

I cannot figure out which item to change in Preferences,
I've tried everything under PHP and none of my items have a white background.

Where can I find  out more about how this system works and how to customize it?


Hi Jack,

Those code fragments on screenshot are actually "Injected language" -- SQL. Therefore you have to look for these colors in SQL section of Colors & Fonts. You can also look at "Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General | Injected language fragment" (so you can modify default background color for all injected languages/fragments).

Also, don't know if you are aware of this: The "Colors & Fonts | PHP | PHP code" will only apply colors for PHP code block (between <?php and ?> tags). If you want to chose default background for all file types/languages you may look in "Colors & Fonts | General | Default text" (and then you can remove PHP code specific background if you wish so).


Thanks Andriy -

  Do you have a dark based theme that you like?

  I suspect it'd be easier to start with someone elses...

- Jack


Hi Jack,

No, I do not use any dark themes because it will not theme whole IDE -- some parts will be themed (dark) and some will remain standard colors (you simply cannot make it completely dark like MS Expression Web/Studio product, for example). And to have half IDE dark and half bright -- that's ugly and inconvenient at least.

Because you are after theming I guess you’ve already seen this link: Themes listed there will not cover PHP, but you can copy styles over manually if required.


My experience is based on PhpStorm v1 -- have not tried to theme my EAP build yet -- maybe it's much better now, don't really know.


Yes I have seen that link and tried those styles without good results.

It is tempting to try rubymine, I hear ruby is a great language to work with.
It's gotta be better than PHP!


I know this is quite old, but there's a dark theme based on Sublime that I really like:


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