Option "Excluded folders" doesn't work

EAP 98.108
Settings/ Project settings/ Directories/

Option "Excluded folders" doesn't work. Excluded folders still exists in project and code-complete won't work for classes, which defined twice (defined twice because exclude doesn't work).

And at this page, "devnet.jetbrains.net/post!input.jspa", caret goes to previous line, not next. Browser Opera 10.62, Win7.

Try File -> Invalidate caches. If you didn't invalidate caches after installing new build you can get some weird bugs (as I had). Because cache formats sometimes are partially incompatible between EAPs.


I did it 3 times already.


Can you also ensure that these files/classes (or classes with the same names) are not included via Settings | PHP | Include paths (these folders should be shown under "External Libraries" in Project window).


Good question.
Now - not. They was (because it's external files indeed), but i removed them from external libraries (now this branch are empty) and add to project directories.
And now "Exclude" doesn't work. Anyway, it's a bug.


Well, it's working fine for me now and worked before -- never had an issue with it, so it's abit hard to think what may go wrong here. But I do have few ideas which can be somehow useful:

1) Do you mind posting few screenshots of your settings -- in particular your Settings | Directories (where we can see excluded folders) and your Project tree (expanded as much as possible -- especially the branches where excluded folders are located). See the attached screenshots for my currently active project -- as you can see I have few libraries (FirePHP, Smarty3 and Swift Mailer) which are included in library folder (for easy distribution/deployment), but then marked as excluded, because I have linked them as External Libraries.

2) This may sound silly, but please make sure that you have excluded ALL duplicate files (filess with the same class names in your case) -- you may accidentaly copied such files into another folder or subfolder ... or you may have a symbolic link (or junction point, on Windows) where it links in-project-no-yet-excluded folder to those trouble files. The best way would be to do a global search for such class name (Search | Find in Path and select "Whole Project "as a scope). Ideally you should have only one declaration of the class. If you find more than one declaration, please investigate it individually (the file path, why it has the same name etc).

These are the only ideas I can think of right now (you already did "Invalidate Caches" thing).


Sorry, i can't. Project in production :)
Believe me, directories excluded right and no duplicates more than in excluded dirs.
Thank you for trying to help, but now my only hope is new EAP build and I just will not use "External Libraries". Or slow NetBeans.


No problem.

Then I can only may suggest to delete .idea folder and recreate a project in PhpStorm again (in addition to waiting for new EAP build).


I recreated project's folder and now it works.
It was best advice :) Thanks.


Rather than blowing away the whole .idea folder, I found that it was the /.idea/modules.xml file that was still holding onto a module from a directory I wanted to exclude.

Removing it from here, and then invalidating caches fixed the problem for me.

This was in Pycharm.


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