Imported a folder, but getting lots of "undefined X" errors

I created a new project from a folder that has a Drupal installation. If I open a PHP file I keep getting lots of warnings about undefined things (variables, function, etc.). Shouldn't PHPStorm find the references through the project code base?

Probably I'm missing something :)


Hi Din,

I do not use Drupal in any way and it looks like there are not many people around  this forum who does (well, this post is  unanswered for over 2 days -- quite rare situation here).

This  may sound very unfair from JetBrains staff point of view, but if you  will not get answer here -- then you should search in other places --  the best place to ask this sort of questions, in my opinion, would be Drupal's forums (where almost everyone will be using Drupal in some way) where chances to find a person who used it successfully with PhpStorm are much higher IMHO. You may also consider StackOverflow (very crowded place).


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