Updating project indices...

Whenever I start up PS and open a project, PS always updates the indices.is it normal that doing this everytime? doesn't it use some kind of caching?


Well, basically it's completely normal. And IDE does employ caching.

However anyway may go awry - we need more information to check whether there is some problem with your project.
Please provide: OS, IDE build, project description (size, frameworks used). What file are indexed most long? (you can usually click on progress to see details)


The spec is

OS: Windows 7 ultimate
PS : 96.1130
Framework: custom framework on the top of Zend Framework

Also, there is no particular file, when I click on progress, I can see PS is going through all of the files and as you'd appreciate even Zend Framework consist of hundreds of files.


Please try EAP 98.91
In case of performance problems, please file a bug report to http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/WI and attach a CPU snapshot to the issue (use http://devnet.jetbrains.net/docs/DOC-192 for reference)


i never had performance problems while indexing before 98.91.
But with 98.91 is incredible slow. I invalidates the caches and the indexing tooks more than 30 Minutes...

Back to 98.21 and the caches will be recreated very fast...


Well, unfortunately, it looks like this problem comes from changes in underlying problem. I'm investigating it and will provide updated build ASAP.


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