PhpStorm - recent price increase?

I wasn't able to find a better place to ask, but I was just about to buy PhpStorm (currently using a WebStorm trial) and the price appears to have jumped significantly in the last few hours.

Yesterday when I was looking into it webstorm/phpstorm were around £30GBP but now it is at £54/£77.

I see that a 50% discount was recently active  which would account for the prices I saw, but according to that blog post it expired nearly three weeks ago so shouldn't account for the prices I saw in the last few days

I would really like to get PhpStorm and £30-£40 would have been manageable, but £77 is too high for me..

Is anybody able to provide more info about this / the reason I saw different pricing just hours ago?

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I'll forward your question to sales department.

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Well, everything works properly and nothing was changed on our side since Sept 1st.
Current price corresponds full (no discounts) price for the product.
The lower one you mentioned looks like price with 50% discount which ended Sept. 1st.

If you have any further questions regarding pricing please always write directly to

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Also may be you confused prices for WebStorm and PhpStorm?
They are different.
WebStorm is cheaper as it doesn't include Php support.


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